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Welcome to the Victorian Public Lands Study!

Public lands in Victoria comprise national parks and reserves, state forests, marine parks, and other public lands. What do you value about these places? What changes would you like to see? We need your help!

In the first part of the survey, you will drag small icons onto a map of Victoria to identify places you value and your public land preferences. The second part is a short, simple questionnaire. We really value your input to help manage our public lands now, and to plan great public lands for the future!

The questionnaire will take you less than 5 minutes and the mapping activity takes most people around 10 – 15 minutes, depending on how many icons are mapped at each location and how many locations are mapped. This survey uses Google Maps and works best on a PC running Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox browser, or Mac with Safari browser.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to an exceptionally high response, we unfortunately can no longer offer a $10 incentive for survey participation. We still greatly value your response but understand if you choose not to participate.
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